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Understanding the cosmos as an existing order and harmony, my work is inspired by the mysteries of this, especially in a cosmos of sea and sky.


I am interested in creating a microscopic world in constant expansion, and in revealing all the details, the different textures that look like real embroideries of nature, and stand them out as a central focus of attention.


My proposal is not randomly made up; on the contrary, it is ruled by specific laws and geometries. This reveals that underneath the processes that are being woven by time, there is a delicate and transcendent presence.


This natural order, full of beauty and unperceivable details, moves me and motivates my creation.


In my work I use clay and porcelain. The nobility of these materials allows me to step by step, create and carve different textures and forms, which are part of the real world, but carried to a personal and different scenario.


The art object moves away from its source of inspiration to let the artistic creation settle in the world in a different and autonomous way.




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